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28 Sep 2021 12:33 PM | CJA (Administrator)

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The laboratory-grown diamond market has developed substantially since its entry into the jewelry trade in the mid-1990s. Join GIA subject specialist, Lisa Kennedy, GIA GG, as she delves into the increasing amounts of improved qualities of laboratory-grown diamonds. Build your knowledge and confidence about this growing market, including the top manufacturing countries and what you can do to be better equipped to identify, sell and buy.

Lisa Kennedy, GIA GG

Lisa Kennedy is a GIA subject specialist in gemology including the areas of diamond and colored stone identification. She started in the jewelry industry as a sales associate for a fine jewelry store. While completing the GIA Graduate Gemologist program and the Gem-A Gemmology Foundation course, she joined GIA as a gemologist focusing on fancy colored diamonds and diamond identification. She went on to become a gemology instructor and subject specialist at GIA, writing new gemology curriculum and sharing her passion for gems by imparting her knowledge to students. In this role, Lisa has led seminars and webinars to foster continuing education and training for trade members. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with an emphasis in crystallography.



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