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CJA and JVC Combine

June 29, 2017

The Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA) is proud to announce that they and Jewellers Vigilance Canada (JVC) have combined together under the CJA umbrella effective June 29, 2017.The CJA and JVC each had a unique focus within the Canadian jewellery and watch industry and The CJA and JVC each had a unique focus within the Canadian jewellery and watch industry and have worked together in key industry initiatives, government relations and educational efforts for many years. Both associations came to understand that the time had come for consolidation in order to serve the Canadian jewellery and watch industry more efficiently.

“Our mutual strengths, constituencies and capabilities point to the ability to be a stronger, more efficient, effective and inspirational group by working even more closely than we have always done,” says Darren Dubrovsky, Chairman of the Board of the Canadian Jewellers Association. Jay Cameron, JVC’s President, applauded the two associations for their willingness to put industry first. “JVC has served our industry for 30 years and accomplished a lot. By joining with the CJA we can ensure that those JVC initiatives will continue for another 30 years under the CJA,” says Cameron. As a part of the CJA, the JVC will continue to develop and enhance the Crime Prevention Program as well as to continue the mandate they share with the CJA to advance ethical practices within the industry. By virtue of this combination of the JVC with the CJA, the voice of the entire industry in Canada will become that much stronger.

Any enquiries or questions should be directed to the CJA office.

Tanya Parrish
Acting General Manager
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