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February Gemstone: Amethyst

February 1, 2019

One of the most coveted and celebrated gems is this month's birthstone Amethyst, for those born in February, under the zodiac sign of Pisces. Pisces is a water sign and those born under this sign are known to be intuitive, compassionate, and wise. Interestingly enough the Amethyst stone is known in many cultures to help in mindfulness and to invoke calmness.

Many cultures use the stone in many ways, from it’s healing properties to intentions of good fortune. The name “Amethyst” derives from the Greek “Amethystos” which means “ a remedy against drunkenness”. Due to the stone’s many variations of purple, early greek mythology compared the gem to the God Bacchus, the God of wine.

Amethyst was also believed to keep the wearer clear-headed and calm. In the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, the amethyst meaning is not of wine, but of bringing in wealth. It is said that when an Amethyst is placed in the corner of the home, it would be helpful with bringing in prosperity.

During the Renaissance, due to its rich purple hues, Amethyst stones were used to adorn crowns and capes of royalty. The Amethyst is one of the stones that was most prized in the ancient world, and continues to be prized by many people today.