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5 Minerals That Are Great For Jewelry by Jessica Kane

June 16, 2016

When jewelry is mentioned, most often we think of the typical gemstones commonly seen in stores. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies and the like have been long standing favorites of designers and wearers alike. However, gemstones are not the only choice for jewelry. The following are several examples of minerals that are beautiful in their own right, and make captivating jewelry pieces.


Sometimes called the poet’s stone, Sodalite is a silicate mineral of deep royal blue, and comes in a variation of blue and white mixed throughout the stone. It’s meant to invoke clarity, and some believe it aids the wearer in speaking the truth. It is thought to induce creativity and openness. Whatever the reason for wearing Sodalite jewelry, it’s sure to bring compliments and become a fast favorite.


Named for the Amazon River, Amazonite is a microcline feldspar. For those who believe in the power of stones, Amazonite brings peace and calm to the one who wears it. The empowering aqua to green colored stone is connected with legendary women warriors, and aids in finding one’s inner truth. It has even been used historically to cure illness and heal wounds. Amazonite is a soft stone that will require care in wearing and storage, and is typically cut into cabochons when used in jewelry.


A mineral that contains several gemstones in combination, Zoisite is an interesting choice for jewelry. It was first discovered in 1805 in the mountains of Austria. Zoisite has such an incredible range of color combinations, due to the make up, that it is difficult to describe. Often it contains a significant amount of ruby, so much so that it can also be called Ruby Zoisite. Along with the rose colors of ruby, often there are shades of green, hints of yellow, bits of purple, blue and white. Many of the properties of this spectacular stone are related to a mind-heart connection, spirituality, and psychic empowerment. Additionally it is believed to have a calming quality during stress.


When looking to stay grounded, Axinite is a wonderful choice. It is thought to aid in meditation, and increase strength and endurance. It comes in shades of violet-brown, reddish-brown, and golden yellow, or any combination of these. It may be tumbled, faceted, or cut and polished as a cabochon. An interesting stone to behold, even the low-end pieces have threads of shimmering highlight running through them. Wrapped in wire or set in warm metals, Axinite is truly a unique option.


Another feldspar mineral, Labradorite is a favorite of many jewelry designers. When light hits the surface of the stone, it gives off absolutely brilliant flashes of color. The stones can be categorized by the most predominant color (ie: blue flash, pink flash, yellow flash) but most stones contain a rainbow of colors. It is known as a transformation stone, and is held dear through times of change. The metaphysical properties of labradorite are too numerous to list, but it is said to reveal itself almost immediately to the wearer. It is an excellent choice for jewelry, if not for the sake of beauty, then for the spiritual awakening.

In making jewelry choices, it pays to do research and think outside the box. Finding stones that are lesser known can lead to very unique and one of a kind pieces that will bring joy and healing for many years ahead.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in arts and crafts, DIY, and other handmade products. She currently writes for Indian Traders, a leading vendor of pendleton blankets and jewelry.