CAJA-CJA Code of Ethics & Standards 

All members of the Canadian Accredited Jewellery Appraisers -CJA (CAJA) of the Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA) are entrusted with the responsibilities of examining, testing, analyzing and grading of gems, metals, and jewellery industry merchandise; reporting of identification, opinion of value, grade condition, and damage of gems and jewellery; and consulting, advising, and arbitrating with respect to jewellery industry merchandise, its acquisition and disposition, and therefore agree to: 

(a) Conduct laboratory testing and appraisal services in a manner which fulfills the ideals and purposes of the CAJA, and reflects credit on the professional ability and business ability of the CAJA members 

(b) Supply complete and accurate information based on scientifically correct testing, careful analysis,  and knowledge of current market values 

(c) Unless required by a Court of Law or a duly authorized peer review group or law enforcement  agency, all information gathered in the preparation of the appraisal report is to be confidential as  applicable through Federal or Provincial Privacy Acts, including the name of the client 

(d) Maintain integrity, dignity, and professionalism in handling client’s property, in preparing and issuing  appraisal and/or gemmological reports, in advertising, and in the appearance of their business  premises 

(e) Maintain gemmological competence through continued training 

(f) Render service only with respect to those articles and those matters for which the appraiser is qualified by training and experience, or for which the appraiser has secured the assistance and advice of a qualified person 

(g) Avoid unwarranted criticism of others engaged in the jewellery industry and of their products 

(h) Disclose to an appraisal client the member’s interest in purchasing or selling the article submitted for appraisal, and/or interest in selling a similar or substitute article to the client or any other potential  conflict of interest and have it in writing or have the client take it to a third party 

(i) Avoid bias and prejudice in formulating and submitting opinions on quality and value 

(j) Refrain from serving more than one party with respect to the same controversy or legal action, except with the written consent of all parties 

(k) All appraisals shall comply with the Jewellery Appraisal Guidelines – Minimum Acceptable Standards 

All CAJA members shall abide by this CAJA-CJA Code of Ethics & Standards and the Membership Requirements/ Criteria CAJA-CJA. 


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The CJA is the national trade association for the Canadian jewellery industry, comprised  of retailers, suppliers, appraisers, designers and providers of goods and services.



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