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A Sign of Trust

Canadians have long recognized the importance of jewellery and watches to celebrate meaningful events and joyous occasions. Our logo displayed by a jeweller or appraiser has been a “Sign of Trust” since the earliest days, ensuring professional, ethical and rewarding shopping occasions.

Hurricane Campaign

The industry demonstrated its grit in 1941 when the government appealed for funds to support the WWII efforts.  The CJA was asked to raise $50,000 in support of the “Hurricane Campaign” – an effort to purchase 2 Hawker Hurricane Fighters.  Over only 5 months, the CJA managed to raise $110,000 or $1.7mm in 2018 dollars! These funds allowed the RCAF (Royal Canadian Airforce) to purchase 5 Hurricanes – planes that were a deciding element of the war effort!

Membership Booms

The Canadian Jewellers Association developed a wide range of programs to assist jewellers to provide the best service possible to its customers.  Seminars, trade shows, magazines, design contests and meetings with government agencies were all CJA efforts to enhance the success of its members and the strength of the Canadian industry.

Repeal of the Excise Tax

The foundation of the CJA was linked to the need for the entire Industry to come together and combat the jewellery excise tax which was imposed on Canadian jewellers and their customers following WWI and deemed to be prejudicial and punitive.  It took 88 years and the efforts of hundreds of association members to rescind the jewellery excise tax and restore a level playing field for Canadian jewellers and consumers.  

A Growing CJA

As the internet grew, the CJA added information and on-line access to education for consumers and members alike.  In 2017, Jewellers Vigilance Canada (JVC) combined with the CJA, bringing its legacy of government relations, education, crime prevention and dispute resolution to the Association and its membership.

Future Generations

Canadian jewellers create memories for future generations and share the stories of love and affection in every piece they create or show.  Every day in Canada a jeweller helps a suitor design a ring, select a gift, make a proposal or celebrate new joy.

Thank you for your interest in the Canadian jewellery and watch industry.  We look forward to sharing our developments with you as we enter our second century of innovation and service.