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Jewellery Stores Edmonton

Are you searching for the most elegant engagement rings Edmonton has to offer? The Canadian jewellery Association (CJA) is the most highly regarded name in Canada for quality jewellery made from all kinds of precious stones and precious metals, including diamond, pearl, platinum and gold. We have hundred of member stores all over Canada, including several in Edmonton, that are trusted by many for the best in jewellery.

Walk into any CJA store and you will find yourself surrounded by a beautiful collection of exquisitely designed and lovingly crafted pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, Edmonton engagement rings and more! Our jewellery is not made just to please your eyes, it's made to warm your heart. This is what makes CJA member stores so different.

Our highly trained employees are always ready to answer every question you have and assist you in choosing the best engagement rings Edmonton has to offer. If you are in Edmonton, make it a point to visit one of the following stores for an exciting and unforgettable shopping experience.

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Company Name Contact Info
Beck Gemmological Laboratory
Carla Beck
Accredited Appraiser
10447 124th Street NW
Edmonton, AB
Tel: 780-705-8505
BEN MOSS JEWELLERS #124-109 St. & Princess Elizabeth Kingsway Garden Mall
Edmonton, AB
Tel: 780-477-5599
BEN MOSS JEWELLERS #931, 5015 - 111 St. N.W. Southgate Shopping Centre
Edmonton, AB
Tel: 780-436-9920
BEN MOSS JEWELLERS 230-137th Ave. & 66th St. Londonderry Mall
Edmonton, AB
Tel: 780-478-4100
BEN MOSS JEWELLERS #2869-8882,170th St. West Edmonton Mall
Edmonton, AB
Tel: 780-444-1700
BOULEVARD DIAMONDS C221-10200-102 Ave. N.W.
Edmonton, AB
Tel: 780-756-1230
CAMILLION BROKERAGE Suite 1000 - 11122 157 Ave N.W.
Edmonton, AB
Tel: 780-457-7068
Toll Free: 800-563-1273
Charm Diamond Centre West Edmonton Mall 8882 170 St NW Edmonton
Edmonton, MB
Tel: 780-489-2560
CHARM DIAMOND CENTRE 109TH Street & Princess Eliz Ave. Kingsway Garden Mall
Edmonton, AB
Tel: 780-479-2246
Edmonton, AB
Tel: 780-477-2400
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